We launched in 2017 with a clear goal in mind: develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem within the Rhodes Scholar network.  


Our Mission

Our mission is to catalyze innovation within the global Rhodes community. By providing the right frameworks, networks, and incentives, we aim to stimulate the maturation of ideas into tangible and impactful ventures.

What we offer


At the start of each cycle, we bring diverse students together for an intensive ideation and team-oriented weekend; teams formed at the end of this weekend carry on through the rest of the cycle. 


Our cycles are structured around a core program, with a different focus each week. We provide resources and workshops for teams to build off of and apply to their own ventures. 


We draw directly from the global Rhodes network and help teams build crucial relationships with the right people, early on. Our mentor pool encompasses a diverse and ever-growing group of industry leaders and innovators; teams benefit by being directly paired with one or more relevant mentors over the course of the incubator cycle.


Our mission is to not only stimulate idea growth and maturation, but to also encourage tangible action. We are working with partners and investors to come up with exciting and creative ways to incentivize teams to move from thinking to doing.  




 The Rhodes Incubator is a group of Rhodes Scholars interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. However, the Rhodes Incubator is not a part or affiliate of the Rhodes Trust or the Rhodes Scholarship Programme, and any information, material or views published by or available via the Rhodes Incubator does not necessarily represent the views or values of the Rhodes Trust, the Rhodes Scholarship Programme or the Rhodes Scholar community.